Vism Plate Carrier Review ( Latest 2022)

Vism Plate Carrier Review


Struggling to find a good plate carrier? You have landed at the right place because here we are talking all about plate carriers and specifically, we will be giving you a Vism plate carrier review. Vism has been a renowned name in ballistic protection.

They have been generating plate carriers, soft armors, and backpacks for a long time which are bullet-resistant and offer great comfort.
While designing the Vism plate carrier they incorporate lots of time and effort to create the plate carrier vest that will not only hold your gears but also keep you safe. Vism plate carriers come with basic features that must be present in any top-quality plate carriers, such as:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Enough space for soft and SAPI plates
  • Breathable mesh
  • MOLLE mesh for gears.
  • Kangaroo pouch

Besides plate carriers, Vism has the vision to break an older concept of wearing the non-concealable heavy plates that will not only cease the motion of the wearer but also keep them less active. They have soft body armors that come in the package as you purchase the plate carrier. Before digging much about that let, we first tell you about the plate carrier itself.

Vism Plate Carrier Updated Review



  • Panels are 0.5 inches thick
  • Holds standard SAPI plates
  • Adjustable cummerbund up to 51 inches
  • MOLLE webbing on sides, front and back
  • Thick shoulders pad


If you are military personnel or working for law enforcement and want to reach home safely every time then Vism plate carrier will never disappoint you. Due to its heavy quality rugged nylon fabric it keeps you protected all day long.

The front and back are wide enough to hold the SAPI plates 11×14 inches. Both the front and back of the vest have a place to insert the ballistic plates.

MOLLE webbing is present all over the vest. On the sides, you have MOLLE webbing along with loops to attach the MOLLE accessories like first aid pouch, mags, guns, and utility pouches. MOLLE webbing gives you free customization and comes in two sizes.

When you look at the front top there is a Velcro patch on the front and back to add your placards.

On the front, there is a huge pouch with a Velcro patch along with a loop to keep your necessities like guns, rifles, documents, and maps. When you lift the upper part there is a cummerbund attached with a Velcro patch and MOLLE webbing. The cummerbund is fully adjustable.

The shoulders are thickly padded and when you look at the paddings, they are thick. There is an adjustment panel on the shoulders too for easy fittings. There are loops on the shoulder for holding the radio wires and water hose.


Vism plate carriers give you ultimate protection because they have enough space in the back, front, and sides for holding the SPI plates. There are side pockets that can accept up to 6×8 inches of armor panels. However, you have to buy them separately as it does not come with the vest.


The interior side of the vest that comes in contact with the body is mesh material that allows a fair amount of air to circulate in and out. Top three MOLLE webbing rows with hook and loop fasteners for attaching name tapes, both in front and back.


They are thickly padded for comfort. The shoulder pads are designed to give you comfort and not a neck rash. They are adjustable too with quick connect buckles.


Cummerbund has a huge Velcro patch, and it has Molly webbing for adding the desired molly accessories. The cummerbund has the elasticity to stretch up to 51 inches.



  • Lighter in weight
  • Super comfortable rugged nylon
  • Thick shoulder pads
  • Breathable inner mesh


  • Armor panels are not included in the vest, and it has to be purchased separately.



Visit Armor Panels


  • Tested protection
  • 0.5inches thickness
  • Shooters cut
  • 3.5 pounds


Vism armor panels are soft armor that are to be inserted inside the Vism plate carrier. they are ideal in a situation where you want to conceal body armor. They are super lighter in weight and made up of high-quality material. They can absorb the highest impact and rest assured the wearer keeps safe from the gunshot.

They are tested but not certified yet, for level 3A protection. They are capable of stopping one round of 44 magnums at 1400 feet per second. These plates are made up of higher quality ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material with little weight of 3.5 pounds. The design of the plates is flexible and confined in any shape.

Different sizing of these soft armors is available like small and extra small that will go in the side panels of the vest. The overall weight will be 3.7 pounds. They are rectangular cut with dimensions of 8×10 inches.

Another size is medium to double, which comes in shooter cut panels with the dimensions of 10×12 inches and weighs up to 4.8 pounds. Lastly, there is a double XL+ size with the dimensions of 10×12 inches shooter cut side panels. It weighs around 5.7 pounds.



  • Soft and comfortable
  • Give protection against 9mm
  • Concealable
  • Lighter in weight


  • To be purchased separately


A good bulletproof vest is a fine line between you going to the hospital or your home. Vism plate carriers are a great investment. They come under a fair price range, without any doubt you can wear them without armor before going to play shooting games or for hunting.

It is a great vest for females and male both. Vism soft armor gives you peace of mind because once you invest in them you will be the one putting it in your car whenever you go to ballistic combat against criminals.


1-Is the Vism plate carrier capable of holding the hard ballistic plates?

Yes, the Vism plate carrier can hold the hard ballistic plates. It has been placed in the front, side, and back for the plates. However, it can hold the soft and hard plates both but make sure not to add both plates at one time because it cannot hold both plates.

2-Can we wash the plate carrier?

You can wash the Vism plate carrier but according to the manual because you would not like to ruin its efficiency. It is not wise to throw the vest in the washing machine or dryer for cleaning.

3-Does the Vism plate carrier include any armor panels?

Yes, you will get level III soft armor panels with it. However, if you want an added protection then you must get the ballistic hard plates separately.

4-Will these plate carriers fit the females?

Vism plate carrier is for both females and males. It has shoulders with a quick detach buckle for adjustments and fittings. Further, the cummerbund is flexible and you can extend it up to 51 inches.

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