Lightweight Rothco Plate Carrier Review 2022

Do you want to protect yourself while playing aggressive games like airsoft and paintball? Then we welcome you here because we are going to give you Rothco plate carrier reviews. You must have heard the name Rothco because for the last 70 years this company has been associated with military protective gear.

Now they have launched the Rothco plate carriers which are great in functionality especially for those who like to do the hunting, shooting, and much more thrilling stuff. However, nowadays plate carriers are getting hype due to the internet. Well, if you search the internet, you will find tons of options but how do you find the best out of so many. Tiring right!

For your ease make sure any top plate carrier must provide,

  • Comfortable movement
  • Easy wearing
  • Complete upper body protection
  • Multiple pockets to carry much weight
  • Lighter in weight

Wearing a tactical belt can be stylish but some people are not smart enough and think that taking personal care seriously is unsophisticated. It’s time to ignore such people because nothing is more important than self-care. Without many rambles let’s dive into the details of plate vests.

What is a Plate Carrier?

Plate carriers are a kind of ballistic vest, which is a form of body-protecting armor. However ballistic vest includes all types of protection gears like bulletproof etc. a plate carrier is a body vest to be worn outside the shirt. It has multiple plates to hold different kinds of gears like magazines, water bladder, knives, and guns.

Plate carriers come in different kinds of materials from lightweight to heavyweight safety guards, it depends upon the wearer and type of security they want. The person can change the pockets and number of plates they want as per their use in every situation. High-quality plate carriers shall be lighter in weight, comfortable and versatile.

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Rothco MOLLE Plate Carriers Review in 2022

Owning a plate carrier with MOLLE webbing is not only about self-protection but also helps in being independent while carrying all the useful gears. We have listed three top-notch Rothco plate carrier reviews to save your time.

1-Rothco MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest

Rothco Molle Plate Carrier Vest

When you are on a mission or battlefield the only two things you require, first are better protection and the second one is optimal gears to fight. All these things you can get in the Rothco MOLLE plate carrier vest.

This great vest will boost your confidence and keep you sharp for a longer period. The vest is made up of high-quality material, the high weighted 1000 denier Cordura nylon which provides maximum protection and durability.

However, being well protected the vest is lighter in weight. This plate carrier is MOLLE, which means you can carry as many gears as you want. Further, the material is highly breathable and you will never feel suffocated.

Plus, the internal meshwork wicks the moisture to keep the comfort. There are four pockets on the inner side of the Rothco vest to stuff more things in it. Not only this you can add more pouches to it.

The vest is easy to wear, it comes only in one size that fits every person no matter what your building is. Super easy to wear due to the presence of a zipper.

There are sleeves on both sides (front and back) and the shoulder strap is a few inches thick, which allows easy neck movement without getting any neck rash. A detachable cummerbund is easily adjustable and you can attach the 6×7 inches plate when you need it.


Made up of heavy 1000 denier Cordura material for extended protection. The vest is made for long-term durability. MOLLE webbing wraps the complete chest area and protects internal organs from injury.


The vest is easy to wear and anybody can wear it due to the zipper. There are quick-release buckles on both for quick removal. There is an emergency drag handle for easy picking up like a bag.

Size and weight

It comes in one standard size that fits all. The front and back sleeves have enough space to put inside the soft armor. The total weight of the armor is quite low.

Other features

Easily adjustable cummerbund and shoulder straps. More inner pockets for keeping stuff. There is a place where you can keep the water bladder for all-day hydration.

Final words
A Rothco MOLLE plate carrier vest is an easy-to-wear tactical vest. It comes with lots of room to add things. Super breathable and adjustable.

2-Rothco Laser Cut MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest

Rothco Laser Cut Molle Plate Carrier Vest

In case you are going to some serious battles and missions, wearing a Rothco laser-cut MOLLE plate carrier will give you lots of peace of mind. It comes with frontal and back MOLLE attachment which means you can carry more pouches and gadgets with you.

The vest is ideal for military-grade and tactical use. On both sides of the adjustable cummerbund, you can attach the 5 rows of MOLLE. This will add protection and storage to the vest.

The construction of the vest is made from durable plastic and 600 denier materials for longer life and eternal protection. It covers your chest area and the shoulder straps are easy to adjust.

The paddings on shoulders are detachable so in case you find that your neck movement is getting troublesome you can detach the paddings. Further, there are hydration hoses present on the shoulders for on-time hydration.

The interior mesh network is secured yet breathable at the same time. It also blocks moisture accumulation so no more uncomfortable itching.


The plate carrier vest is made up of 600 denier protection materials which makes it durable. Further, the vest is lighter in weight and completely breathable.

Size And Weight

It comes in one standard size but due to the adjustable side cummerbunds, it fixes everybody. The weight is feathery and lighter than bulletproof jackets.


The comfortable vest with internal soft mesh material wicks the moisture. The adjustable shoulder straps have a quick release buckle. There is an emergency drag handle present.

Other Features

The vest is MOLLE compatible with 14 rows on upfront and back, 5 rows on each side cummerbund, 4 rows on feature loop fields (front and back)

Final words
The look of the vest is great, it is super comfortable, breathable and MOLLE compatible. It is high-grade military protection gear.

3-Rothco Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest

Rothco Lightweight Plate

As the name suggests that this vest is lighter in weight than other vests present in the market. It is not more than above a single pound for easy movement and ventilation. It is made up of high-quality 600 denier polyester material which is a quite durable material. Like other Rothco plate vests, this also comes in a single size that fits all.

It has back and front panels sized to easily fit the larger plates. The MOLLE cummerbund is skeletonized for more easy fitting. It distributes the weight equally and discards additional fabric.

Due to the active cummerbund, the inner side of the vest remains airy and breathable on hot days. The entire body of the vest is adjustable to fit every body type.

The shoulder straps are also adjustable. There is a lot of space for MOLLE attachment on the vest. You can also attach the additional pouches all over the exterior part of the body. There are external mag slots for easy storage on the frontal part of the vest.


The mask provides ultimate protection with 600 denier polyester material. The material is breathable and comfortable from the inner side.

Size And Weight

It comes in a standard size. Further, it has adjustable shoulder straps for quick adjustment. Skeletonized cummerbund ensures a perfect fit.


It is super light in weight and made up of inner soft material. There is lots of space for MOLLE attachments for more storage and space.

Other Features

The MOLLE webbing comes with a customizable design. Shoulder straps have fitted hooks for hydration hoses.

Final Words

When you compare it with another vest it is super light and has lots of space for external gears. The MOLLE compatible design is fully adjustable.

Final Verdict

We have compelled all the three Rothco plate carriers to vest reviews in one place. If you ask us, all three are well-performing vests. Choosing anyone will be difficult, however, if you are a beginner and want to add safety to yourself then go for the Rothco MOLLE plate carrier vest.

It is best for money and has slimmer shoulder straps for easy movement. Make sure to look at the reviews online before making the final decision.


1-Can it stop the bullet?

It can not stop the bullet completely. Though it will only slow down the speed for a few microseconds still the bullet can pierce your flesh and bones.

2-Does the rothco plate carrier have any inside pockets?

Yes, there are four pockets in this vest. two of them have a velcro closure and two come with zippers. each measure upto 10.5inches-7.25inches.

3-Is there any place for a hydration bladder?

Yes, at the back of the vest there is a wide place for the hydration bladder and looks on the shoulder to hook the hydration hose.

4-Where should the rothco plate carriers sit?

An inch below your collarbone the plate carrier should sit. This arrangement will allow you to move your shoulders and arms easily.

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