Plate Carrier Vs Chest Rig – What the Difference?

If you are someone who is doing anything that involves shooting or having projectiles fly at you, then plates carriers and chest rigs must be the part of the clothing you need to perform such a task. Although deciding between the plate carrier vs chest rig could be a fun task or challenging at the same time, as it is the matter of your protection, so the selection of chest rig over plate carrier utterly depends on the level of protection you are looking for.

Complete Guide of Plate Carrier & Chest Rig

The plate carrier is designed in such a way that it can carry your armors and protect your vital body organs as well because it is tied on your chest.

However, The chest rig is a panel like a bag that you can attach to your chest to hold magazines, first-aid kits, and other objects. It is not much protective.

Let’s make it easy for you while choosing a plate carrier vs chest rig by giving you a quick and complete guide about them. For absolute knowledge, please read below and find which one is better for you based on their pros and cons. Here we go! 🙂

Plate Carrier

If you are a military officer and looking for something that protects you while protecting your nation, then you should opt for a plate carrier. Oh! You might be wondering what plate carrier is? So, the plate carrier is designed to hold a piece of armor over the heart, lungs, or any area over the chest. Some plate carriers come with pouches to hold magazines, and some are without pouches (you can only hold a piece of armor in such case).

If you have an only threat of rifle fire, then you should wear a plate carrier as it will give you better protection. But always make sure that you have placed the plate carrier in the perfect position.

Let’s observe some pros and cons of plate carrier which make it more easy for you to decide which one is better (plate carrier vs. chest rig).

Brightside of Plate Carrier

  • Plate carrier offers great protection again rifle fires
  • The renowned choice among people
  • One can also opt for other accessories using the plate carrier

The downside of Plate Carrier

  • Plate carrier does not cover a wider area of the human body
  • It is somehow bulky.
  • One cannot use it every day.

So, that was a brief description of plate carriers. For deciding which one is best for you between plate carrier vs. chest rigs, then read below about chest rigs as well, its pros and cons will let you decide according to the nature of your job which one will be more suitable for you.

Chest Rig

In terms of appearance and style, the chest rig is similar to the plate carrier. But in real chest rig is a nylon load carriage that has side pouches in it. The chest rig is designed to hold tactical objects like magazines, pistols, knives or any other thing. It contains nothing at the back, and it would be best for those who had to walk on and off. But, it is heavier in weight, so balancing might become challenging. The front pouches of the chest rig make it more easy for you to access your objects.

However, selecting a chest rig over plate carrier is your own choice hence you can opt for the chest rig that fits you well and carry anything that you want to keep in it.

Hopefully, after this brief explanation chest rig becomes somehow clear in your context. For getting it more clear, let’s have a look at some pros and cons of the chest rig.

Advantages of the Chest rig

  • The chest rig allows user to move quickly
  • As there are only front pouches, so it is easy to access for the wearer.

Disadvantages of the Chest rig

  •  As the chest rig is somehow bulky so the wearer might lose his balance
  •  The wearer might not find it comfortable to place weapons in it.

Plate Carrier Vs Chest Rig- A Quick Difference

The above brief descriptions might not clear you about a particular difference between them, so we are providing you with the significant differences between the plate carrier and a chest rig.

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Plate Carrier Vs Chest Rig- Which one is better?

As a military officer or on-duty officer, you always need protection against deadly shots. For that protection, you should opt for the plate carrier as it is not only a carrier; it is also a protector against such deadly rifle-fires. But if you are someone who does not face such circumstances and needs something to place your weapons or other objects, then you can also opt for chest rigs.

Other than that, both the plate carrier and chest rig have some bright and downsides, which you should keep in mind while choosing one between them.

We have provided you with a quick and easy difference between plate carrier vs. chest rig to make it a smooth and fun task for you to understand the difference between both of them. Read thoroughly and then decide which one is better for you according to the nature of your job.


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