Plate carrier vs Bulletproof Vest – Which is Beneficial?

What is a Plate Carrier?

A plate carrier is a bulletproof vest created for men who deal with shotguns and rifles, helping them to carry items in the pockets and spaces provided on it.

Plate carriers can also be useful on hunting, mountaineering and airsoft battle trips. Through phase of time, these plate carriers have developed and advanced, with different functions, pouches, buckles, and most importantly, sizes.

People tend to have confusion between plate carrier vs bulletproof vest. It is imperative for you to know the difference between these two body armor. So, before moving forward to the topic of plate carrier reviews. Let’s find out what is the major difference between them.


Difference Between Plate carrier vs bulletproof vest

Whether it is the bulletproof vest or plate carriers for law enforcement, the most important thing to consider is weight & protection.

These two vests are not like ordinary vests, manufacturers have made a special consideration of ballistic protection for plate carriers.

When we talk about ballistic protection, we actually refer to the security that public officers or federal police usually require while protecting their nation from some kind of harm.

The actual difference between these two ballistic protection gears is that the officers like police officers wear bulletproof jackets or vest beneath clothes. When we talk about bulletproof vests, they fall under soft body armor and offer low-caliber firearms protection. These proof vests are made of high tensile soft materials such as Kevlar. 

When we talk about plate carriers then, plate carriers are for such officers who want to wear it above clothes. There is no hard and fast rule while wearing such vests, but if you follow the essential manufacturing tips, then it would just help you out in the long run.  Plate carrier is an ordinary fabric vests that are used in conjunction with armor plates

Moving onwards, plate carriers usually use modular lightweight load-carrying equipment that is typically known as MOLLE. We will talk about these terms onwards in our article, but first let me explain to you why we need these bulletproof plate carrier vests.

Considering the human body as an essential being in this universe, the shape of a human has very fragile body parts. When we talk about best plate carriers vests, we must look upon the construction of these plate carriers, how this covers, and what body parts do this carrier plate hide while securing them.

In addition, the most crucial element that we call the heart lies in a secure position while wearing such safe vests.

So if you are looking for a plate carrier for protection, check for the size range, mag pouches and pockets which are already in-built, as well as those which can be adjusted, and the air circulation mechanism. 


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