NC Star Plate Carrier Review ( Latest 2022)

Do you know what is the main difference between bad news reaching home from duty and a person himself reaching to the loved ones? It is a good bulletproof vest and today we are going to tell you all about the NC star plate carrier review from top to bottom. However, we have seen multiple vests in the market that offer great protection.

Nevertheless, NC star plate carriers make you feel safe till the end of the battle. They are unlike other ballistic vests that come with uncomfortable stitching and body fittings. Further, this vest has been the choice of law enforcement due to its high-class construction and design. Further, the following are the features of NC star vests.

  1. Heavy-duty material.
  2. Quick-release buckle
  3. PALS webbing
  4. Versatile color variety
  5. Adjustable and reversible cummerbund.

Many of you might have heard about the plate carriers due to their growing popularity, but there are many other things that you should know before going to purchase the body vest. So, we have decided to first tell you those in-depth details right after which we will jump to NC star.

What Are Plate Carriers And How Are They Different From Soft Body Armors?

Plate carriers are vesting which are worn over the uniform or clothes. They serve as a protection line against bullets and gun fires. Further, they have plates on the exterior side to insert the gears like magazines, guns, and cell phones, etc. plate carriers are available in different materials from low to high protection material, it’s upon your self-defense need which one will you pick.

Plate carriers are different from soft body armor as they provide more protection. Soft body armors can hold only up to 9mm gunshot but not more than that. They are lighter in weight and give you the ease of movement but fail when it comes to high-caliber gunshots. If you want enhanced protection against gun fires then the plate will be good.

Types Of Plate Carriers

There are different types of plates but majorly they are made up of boron carbide and silicon carbide. They lie under the vest to protect the body from gunshots. Plates are available in different sizes from small to large but their weight varies as their size grows.

For instance, small plates weigh 2.8 -3.5 pounds, medium to large plates weigh around4-4.6 pounds, and larger plates weigh 5.3 pounds.

  • Ceramic plates

They are heavy plates and were first designed to use for the operation of desert storms. At that time, they were the most popular line of defense and considered lighter in weight as compared to other armors present in the market

. However, they are quite heavier in weight. They can take only one round of the gunshot at one place. If hit multiple times by more powerful shots then they can shatter. They provide a higher level of protection though they are too heavy to cease mobility. They require maintenance once they get shot severely.

  • Steel plates

They are even heavier than ceramic plates. However, they can take more rounds than ceramic plates. They are thick and can stop ballistic rounds. However, for everyday use and hiking stuff, these plates are not recommended.

  • Polyethylene plates

They are much lighter plates than ceramic one. They can be bought by the user other than law enforcement and military personnel. These plates use the natural spin of bullets to reduce the impact. When the bullet hits the plate, the heat of the bullet melts the polyethylene material and stops the rounds.

NCStar Plate Carrier Review Updated 2022

Plate Carriers


  • Front and back plate carrier
  • Thick shoulder paddings
  • Denier nylon material
  • Shoulder pads have a place for hose and wires
  • 3 MOLLE webbing up top


Unlike other manufacturers, Nc star has created the vest in two sizes. One for small-built guys and another one for much larger guys. However, they have made the whole vest with full customization to offer.

It covers a huge area of the body. The internal side of the vest has space to insert the ballistic plates. On the top front, they gave PALS webbing for the attachment of admin panels and much more.

The front vest has four PALS rows for keeping the quick detachable magazines. Further, there is an openable panel Infront. If you lift the lower panel, you can see the cummerbund. On both sides, you can see the PALS webbing for adding the detachable pouches and some Velcro patches for storage of some tiny extra gears and goods.

On the back of the vest, we have more PALS webbing and on top, there are Velcro patches for adding any card or something you like. Up top at the shoulder, you have shoulder padding that is not thick. There are loops for adding airing and a water hose for easy hydration. Further, there are clips for easy removal of the straps.

First impression of the NC star plate carrier

When you hold it, you can feel the sturdy material. This reliable material is made up of nylon. Further, the overall design is stitched with precision and is 100% durable. The very basic and decent design comes in a range of small and large sizes.

  • Protection

Nc star gives you the option to insert plate carriers from front and back. you have to insert from the bottom. There is an option that you can insert hard plates or soft body armor into the vest, or both at the same time. Two Velcro patches will hold the plates inside the vest. If you wear the soft body armor you feel lighter but at the same time, there will be lesser body protection from high caliber guns.

  • Comfort

We will not say that Nc star gives you all-day relaxation because it will not. It is meant to protect you against danger. It will cover your body from the neck below to the belly button.

However, you must be thinking that what if you get shot in the regions where there is no vest, then let us tell you that more sensitive and crucial organs are present in the area below the neck up to the belly button.

If you insert soft body armor then it will be good for your ease of mobility. However, adding plates will make the vest heavier and more protected. Both works are easy in the vest.

  • Fitting

Vests are designed to lie below the neck up to the lower chest. However, it comes in different sizes so you can choose what suits you best. Further, the shoulder pads and cummerbund are adjustable. The internal material of the vest is breathable and gives you the ease of wearing it for longer hours.

  • Other Features

There is PALS webbing on the front and back of the vest where you can add as many detachable pockets as you like. There is a quick-release buckle present on the shoulder.

The shoulder padding is slightly thick and has Velcro patches and loops for holding the hose and radio wires. You can see at the back, a drag handle is available which will allow you to drag the person in any emergency condition. further, it comes in various color varieties like black, tan, urban grey, olive.



  • Lighter in weight
  • Color options
  • Great space
  • Water pouch



Does not come with the manual to set up, you might have to check the online videos to seek help. Especially those who are new to the armor world.



The Nc star plate carrier is a great purchase for all those who want to fight the real fight. It comes in decent color varieties and can hold two plates at the same time. It gives you a great level of protection.

If you are new to the ballistic world then this vest is best for you because it is durable and reliable. Nevertheless, do not forget to touch the internet reviews about any product that you want to purchase.


1-Will Nc star plate carriers fit on the people who are tall and have bigger chests?

Yes, the NC star plate carrier is for all-size people. It comes in two sizes for small framed people and larger body built. Further, you have shoulders with adjustable straps and a cummerbund that will surely hug your body.

2-Is there a place to attach MOLLE at the back?

Yes, there is enough space for the MOLLE booth at the front and the back of the plate carrier.

3-Is there any admin pouch in the NC star plate carrier?

No, there is no built-in admin pouch present in the vest. However, you can add the admin pouch because PALS webbing is present in the front area. Further, there is a kangaroo pouch present in front to hold the smaller gears.

4-Can this plate carrier hold steel plates?

Yes, the NC star plate carrier is built with high-quality polyester material. it has space for plates in front and back. Velcro pouch will hold the plates from inside. You can add steel plates, soft plates, ceramic plates to it

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