CRYE Precision Plate Carrier Review in 2022

Crye Precision is an American brand with the goal of manufacturing highly innovative equipment for American combat forces. They work extremely hard to produce high-tech, comfortable, long-wearing gear for individuals who want the best to outperform.

The CRYE Plate Carrier Review will tell you everything you need to know about this marvelous tactical gear.
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Crye Precision JPC Plate Carrier Review

Dlp Tactical Phantom Low Profile Molle Vest

Whether it’s a paintball match, a simple airsoft game or perhaps some real battle, the JPC Plate Carrier by Crye Precision is indeed one of the best quality plate carriers. It is a versatile, high-performance vest that undoubtedly includes everything you could need to save yourself in a battleground.


The JPC Plate Carrier from Crye Precision is really a simplistic yet quite versatile chest gear. It is deliberately engineered for maximum maneuverability with a concept of maximum weight saving in consideration.
The Crye Plate Carrier is one of the lightest vests available, weighing merely a pound.

The low weight not only makes it quite practical but also tends to offer a wide range of configuration settings to suit your own needs. In addition, it also helps in providing complete satisfaction in terms of convenience and mobility.

Situation Recommendation

The Crye Plate Carrier works efficiently in almost all sorts of tactical environments including assault missions, rescue, paintball, airsoft or even conduct missions.

It aims to shed extra weight and gives you breathability even in the scorching heat. In addition, there are lots of different Plate Carrier Attachments which might function with the JPC, making it extremely customizable and versatile.
That being said, it might cause you some difficulty is a prolonged multi-day mission, to be realistic, any plate carrier will have problems. However, because of the minimalist design of the JPC 2.0 plate carrier, you would be able to wear it comfortably most of the time.

Heat Considerations

The last thing you want to experience is heat while on a full-day mission. CRYE Plate Carrier knows that Comfort is an important thing to consider while going for a battle and the CRYE JPC has the best solution for that. The inner surface of the vest features padded mesh for ventilation and breathability to ensure maximum comfort while on the move.

High-Quality Construction

The Crye Plate Carrier is wonderfully built with a sleek and compact design that lets you look and feel impressive from every angle. You could be very happy with the choice of this rig, given that all materials and the gear itself are manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing reliability and originality.

The Jumpable Plate Carrier is crafted from the highest quality tough Corduroy nylon that is stretchable and therefore can accommodate people of any size and holds the body perfectly.

There are four straps on the Jumpable Vest, one on each shoulder that is sip-free and keeps on to their place and two around the back that are adjustable to cover any size of the chest.


Standard Carrier Plate is heavy and also very exhausting when worn, but the Jumpable is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t add up to the weight of the weapon to inflict discomfort. All of this is intended to keep the consumer completely focused on their work, without any disturbance from pain, and also to keep them safe at the very same time.


Carrying small arms and accessories while staying low-profile is very difficult and far less practical, however the Jumpable Carrier brings convenience to a new level.

It can comfortably carry ammos, magazines, grenades and so on, making it the perfect tool for battlefields and security operations.


The front and back of The Jumpable Carrier Plate does have a high-level IV standalone plate that makes it extremely impenetrable from bullets and other dangerous objects.

The MOLLE webbing on the outer surface is yet another reason why it is better than other standard vests. The front can accommodate up to four magazines at a time. The back is where all the ventilation padding is mounted to make it the highest quality carrier plate.

Features & Attachments

JPC CRYE Plate Carrier features a built-in front admin pouch that can carry maps, torch lights, and firearm mags. The front panel also incorporates another triple mag pouch to carry ammunition.

In addition, the Velcro panel allows the user to attach MOLLE or front flap of the ammunition pouch. The interior panel of the JPC features a padded mesh design to ensure highest possible ventilation and breathability during long missions.

The jacket is capable of carrying plates of varying thickness due to superior stretchable materials. The outer surface of the vest features MOLLE webbing and facilitates low-profile protection up to the 4th level stand-alone plates. The back of the plate carrier is as strong as its front.

It is also strengthened by MOLLE webbing on the outer surface and also supports defence up to the fourth level plates.

The Skeletal Cummerbund mechanism is the exclusive crowning glory of this vest. It provides a one-of-a-kind attachment system in which you can conveniently mount pouches; both inside and outside the cummerbund. It also encourages improved air circulation while removing unnecessary bulk and weight – something that every guy wants to have in his plate carrier.

The Cummerbund greatly enhances efficiency by stripping weight without losing its functionality and usability. The elastic cords are a tremendous aid in mounting and securing the rig firmly.

It provides a simplified side closure option with adjustment setting that makes you fight-ready very quickly. Moreover, the durable and rugged anti-slip shoulder straps make you feel confident at all times.

There are two more improvements seen in the form of a drag handle that claims to support up to 400 Pounds as well as a parallel zip for retaining Zip On Panels.

There’s also a groin guard mounting spot to make you completely safe from any kind of danger. The thing we love most is the quick-attach side loops to provide additional protection or to add more accessories.

Color & Size Options

The CRYE Plate Carrier has 3 color options: Multicam, Coyote, and Ranger Green. Depending on your own requirements you can choose any of the above colors.

  • JPC is available in three sizes:
  • Medium for chest size 37-40
  • Large for chest size 41-45
  • XL for chest size 46 – 49

Parts of CRYE Plate Carrier

Front Carrier:

The front carrier of JPC facilitates low-vis protection up to grade IV stand-alone ballistic plates. This one has a perfect MOLLE webbing on the external layer and can carry up to three magazines.

It arrives with an accessible top admin pocket for storage and slip-on covers with incorporated cord management. In addition, there is a padded ventilation mesh on the inside for maximum comfort.

Rear Carrier:

Rear carrier also helps to carry low-vis plates for up to Level IV safety. It also has a spectacular MOLLE webbing on the outer surface and a padded mesh panel on the inside.

3-Band Cummerbund:

JPC comes with a proprietary Skeletal Cummerbund that improves the overall performance by dropping weight without losing functionality. It helps to provide mounting place for additional pouches either on the inside or the outside and arrives with elastic strings to help mount and secure the plate carrier.

Single Straps:

The package also contains very basic single straps for side closure and adjustment settings. If you like, you can use these straps instead of the cummerbund.

Installing Instructions

Installing & Adjusting Skeletal Cummerbund

Use the provided cummerbund and put it into the holders of the strap on the body of the plate carrier. And then using the elastic cord position it in a zigzag pattern, then tie it with the rope which is also available in the package.

Installing & Adjusting Single Straps

Lay down the JPC with its back facing towards you, find the strap buckles and make absolutely sure that the strap loops are facing up. Insert the non-hook-and-loop edge of the single strap through the buckle.

After placing the ballistic plates, don JPC by wearing from the head. Open the flap of the front panel and connect the strap’s hook panels to the vest’s loop panel and shut the flap.

Installing Ballistic Protection

The rear side of the Crye plate carrier features a large pouch where you can place the ballistic protection plates. After placing the plates, cover it with the carrier’s own stretchable fabric and strap it so that it does not fall.

Donning & Doffing

The front portion of the plate carrier is attached to the body of the vest, and there are wider pockets underneath it. You’ve got to wear a plate carrier from the neck, and there’s a shoulder strap that supports both the front and the back. Both sides can be attached by means of previously mounted straps that wrap perfectly around the chest.

Adjusting Shoulder Straps

You can modify the height of the JPC by varying the length of the shoulder straps depending on your needs. For a low height, remove the straps from the hook and loop panels and re-hook them so that they are far apart.

For a greater height, remove the straps from the hook and loop panels and connect them so that they really are closer to each other.

The steps to wear the CRYE JPC are:

  • Install the Cummerbund firmly as described above
  • Attach the single straps
  • Install the ballistic protection as required
  • Attach rear and front with straps around body
  • Finally adjust the shoulder straps according to your body requirement

Optional Accessories With CRYE Plate Carrier

You can also attach additional accessories to make it a complete and extremely purposeful device, as it allows its user to conveniently customize it as required.

Side Pouch (Skeletal Attachment)

The optional side pouch is mountable with its own straps and can accommodate the ballistic plate efficiently without making the vest heavy.

Side Pouch (Front Carrier Attachment)

This optional piece is also mounted like Skeletal Attachment and has smaller pockets to add accessories for your day long missions. These pouches can stretch and would not tear from carrying sharp objects, and they are tightly hooked and therefore will not detach from the vest.

Flank Pouch

You can add Flank Pouches anywhere along the Cummerbund to hold low-vis ballistic protection. It can be fixed with three custom straps that go around carrying extra ballistic plates or flat objects.

MBITR/Mag Pouch

This is another important accessory that arrives with the Jumpable Carrier Plate, which is dedicated to carrying magazines of any size.

The pouch has enough ability to carry additional backup magazines to make the user prepared at all times. This pouch attachment is functional with both cummerbund and single straps and therefore could be placed underneath either of two.

Final Word

You need safety and coverage that does not weigh you down or lessen your mobility while going to a battlefield. As a member of the combat forces, it is important for you to be armed with something that helps you feel honored as well as protected.

In addition, it should incorporate the appropriate functionality and enduring support at all cost. The JPC CRYE Plate Carrier review tells everything you would need while heading to a dangerous situation; high quality construction, protection, discreetness, and functionality.

It’s an all-in-one revolutionary gear that’s ideal for any man’s sport, whether you’re participating in an airsoft game or going for a real battle.

All in all, Crye Plate Carrier JPC with Skeletal Cummerbund is the versatile, super-functional, lightweight, yet rugged plate carrier you’ve been aiming for.


1. What does JPC mean?

JPC stands for Jumpable Plate Carrier. It is a lightweight and compact plate carrier by CRYE Precision engineered for optimum mobility, good efficiency and packability. The JPC offers a wide range of configuration options to meet the needs of the user in terms of safety, carrying capacity and comfort.

2. Does CRYE JPC come with warranty?

CRYE JPC comes with a lifetime warranty on any material or craftsmanship fault and repairs or replaces it free of cost. This exempts normal wears and tears. Please be informed that the buyer is responsible for any kind of return shipping costs.

3. Can a felon buy a CRYE Plate Carrier?

It is strictly against federal law that an individual accused of a violent crime purchases or possesses body armor. In addition, different States also have laws prohibiting the acquisition or possession of body armor by individuals convicted of such offences, other crimes of assault or drug offences.

4. Why is CRYE Precision so expensive to purchase?

Crye Precision manufactures high-quality gear and has been regarded as a reputable American company where you are guaranteed of top quality and nothing less. According to the CRYE Plate Carrier Review, we can confidently claim that it’s worth every cent.

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