Best Plate Carriers Under $100

Best Plate Carrier Under 100 Dollars

Looking for a Plate carrier to protect yourself from danger or join that paintball squad you’ve been planning on for weeks? Great idea!

But what’s wrong? Low on budget?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we will cover everything about Best Plate Carriers under $100 with their features, specifications, pros, shortcomings, and a detailed purchase guide.

With the recent advancement and improvements in Plate Carriers construction and Material, choosing the right one has become a difficult and tiresome task. If you search the internet, it is swamped with hundreds and thousands of different options.

Although the five plate carriers on this list are inexpensive, they all strive to provide

  • Complete Protection
  • Comfort
  • Coverage
  • Lots of capacity to hold your tactical gear
  • Adjustability while weighing as low as possible

So let’s begin!

Best Plate Carriers Under 100 Dollars Reviews

1. DLP Tactical Phantom – Low Profile MOLLE Vest:

Brown Cameo Dlp Tactical Vest

DLP Tactical is a family-owned manufacturer of high-quality tactical equipment, tactical clothing, and accessories. They are now selling quality goods at reasonable prices across the country and around the globe. DLP Tactical

Phantom is made of a high-quality Invista Cordura 600D Nylon. It also has a provision of MOLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) supports on the front, back and sides.

The Phantom is able to carry light and medium-sized plates which makes it fall under the lightweight category of plate carriers. However, the vest can accommodate users of all weight categories.

The vest is highly customizable and is offered in multiple colors including multicam. It can ensure full-body coverage and high levels of protection, depending upon the plate.

There is a good provision of pockets and add-ons which can enable the user to carry their magazines and other essentials while using the vest.

The MOLLE webbing enables the user to attach as many pouches as required for a particular task. Cummerbunds protected by Kydex often allow you to mount different items on both sides at the same time. It significantly increases the efficiency of the entire vest.

In addition, the built-in pouch in front can carry three 223 magazines, whereas the built-in chest pouch can hold your other belongings such as, phone, keys, and more!

Overall, the DLP Tactical Phantom can be a good option to consider, if your threat level can be covered using medium or small plates. It would also be a good candidate to use in shooting sports such as paintball.


  • Maximum Size – M to XL
  • Weight – 2.25 Pounds
  • Warranty – 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Height – Adjustable


  • Invista Cordura 600D Nylon
  • 360 Degree Coverage
  • Molle Webbing
  • Quick On/Off
  • Skeletonized Cummerbund with Kydex
  • Built-In Kangaroo Pouch
  • Reliable and excellent quality
  • High-quality material
  • Affordable price
  • High-level of mobility
  • Lots of capacity
  • Webbing to attach more pouches
  • Not for ballistic plates
Final Word:
DLP Tactical Phantom is an outstanding yet low profile safety gear that serves its purpose quite well. It is spacious enough to carry all your belongings safely, such as; pistols, magazines, documents etc. Every product has its pros and cons, but overall, it is a durable vest that does not compromise on its quality and strength.

2. WarTechGears – Tactical Fast Vest:

Olive Green Wartechgears Vest

WarTech Gears vest is appropriate for combat situations where flexibility and protection are the primary requirements of the user. The vest is made of 100% authentic nylon having a polyester density of 600D. The stitching and detailing of WarTech is outstanding and durable, with double and strengthened stitching lines in places which are at high risk of ripping.

The WarTechGear tactical jacket weighs just 1.25 pounds, so it’s just too lightweight to wear around. This protective vest comes in a revolutionary design with adjustable sizing to accommodate people of about all body sizes.It is an extremely adjustable vest which can be tailored to fit your requirements from 30 to 60 inches of chest size.

Now let’s talk about the storage and efficiency of this beautiful vest. WarTech Gear Vest carries a lot of storage pouches to keep all your possessions and supplies safe. The front section of this vest has a compartment for holding 3 rifle magazines and a pocket for carrying other essential documents. In addition, the MOLLE webbing allows a user to add as many pouches as desired.

To add to its usefulness, the Velcro panels are sewn down on both front and rear sides of this vest to hang your ID patches on them. In addition, to provide convenience to its user, the shoulder straps of this WarTechGear come with gentle padding and are highly adjustable in length.

Generally speaking, the WarTech Gears vest is the ideal tactical budget vest for you, if you want a stylish vest that is completely customizable and economical.


  • Maximum Size – 60 Inches
  • Weight – 1.25 Pounds
  • Warranty – 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Height – Adjustable


  • 600D High-Density Nylon Construction
  • Heavy Duty Drag Handle
  • PALs Webbing for MOLLE Attachments
  • Double & Re-enforcement Cross Stitching
  • Hook and Loop Fastener
  • Padded Shoulder Pad
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • High-quality nylon construction
  • Highly customizable
  • Adjustable size and length
  • Can carry multiple plates
  • Fewer pouches
  • Velcro is not durable
Final Word:
We strongly recommend WarTech Gears Vest if you’re looking for a vest that’s popular with military and law enforcement officers alike. It is a highly versatile jacket due to its carrying capacity and its low weight. It is made of high-quality breathable material and does not limit movements on high-performance missions.

3. GFIRE Tactical Vest:

Brown Gfire Tactical Vest

The next product in our list is the GFIRE Tactical Vest. It’s the excellent training gear for you if you’re a minimalist and prefer to tailor your vest as required. GFIRE Tactical Vest is composed of strong nylon and polyester fabric with a high density of 1000D. 1000D polyester not just makes it sturdy, it also keeps it lightweight and more resilient.

It’s a breeze to carry around at 2.98 pounds, and this vest is the lightest tactical vest we’ve seen yet. The weight of the vest has been further controlled by it not containing additional pockets to carry the accompanying equipment. GFIRE Tactical vest has an extensible belt and has a chest span of up to 54 inches, spanning from M to XL.

The GFIRE is built on the concept of a minimalism with a minimum number of built-in pouches. But then again the vest is highly versatile and thus an ideal candidate for all terrains and conditions, depending on how the person adapts it to their requirements.

The competent GFIRE vest seems to have no external pouches to boast around, it has only a few pockets to carry the map and other necessary gear.However the MOLLE webbing lets you mount as many external pouches as you would like.

On the whole, this is the perfect vest for safety purposes, which is also inexpensive. Built from 1000D polyester, it promises to provide you with a better value for money and maximum comfort.


  • Maximum Size – 54 Inches
  • Weight – 2.98 Pounds
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Height – Medium to X- Large


  • 1000D High-Density Nylon Construction
  • Emergency Drag Handle
  • Removable Anti-Slip Padded Shoulder Pads
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Heavyweight Webbing
  • Padded Mesh Interior Lining
  • High-quality and durable material
  • Highly customizable
  • Minimalistic design
  • Comfortable and highly adjustable
  • MOLLE webbing
  • High ventilation and breathability
  • A tad expensive
  • Lacks pouches
Final Word:
If you’re a minimalist and searching for a plate carrier under 100 bucks, look no further as GFIRE Tactical Vest is really just the perfect match for you. GFIRE is made from a very breathable mesh and powerful MOLLE webbing to match your requirements. Besides, the GFIRE Vest provides optimal comfort with its outstanding padded interior.

4. BYHai Tactical CS Field Vest:

Black Byhai Tactical Vest

BYHai Tactical CS Field Vest is also an outstanding vest for outdoor camping or military training to protect you from danger and carries all the requisite items safely. This field vest is crafted from high-quality waterproof oxford cloth having a polyester density of 600D. The material has high tensile strength and is therefore easy and breathable to wear.

This CS Field Vest weighs around 1.82 pounds, one of the lightest plate carriers around. Therefore, it is quite comfortable to wear and carry on long missions. It is a highly adjustable vest having dimensions of 42x6x50-cm, which is suitable for unisex adults. Moreover, the vest is Heat Resistant as well as Waterproof, so it’s ideal for outdoor camping, combat training, or maybe even mountaineering.

As for storage and capacity, BYHai Tactical comes with a lot of accessible pouches and pockets to hold all your belongings safely. It has embedded magazine pockets on the front side along with the Molle design for holding other small equipment. In addition, with the aid of easily accessible Velcro and buckle on the shoulder and belt, you can quickly remove this vest.

Protection and safety are foremost concerns; therefore, it boasts high-quality and reliable coverage. This vest provides excellent protection for your vital organs while at the same time ensuring optimum mobility due to its minimal design.

Overall, BYHai Tactical CS Field Vest offers great value for money. The best feature of this tactical vest is that it can be used for variety situations without compromising on the performance.


  • Maximum Size – Unisex adult
  • Weight – 1.82 Pounds
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Height – Adjustable


  • 600D waterproof oxford cloth
  • Heat Resistant & Wear Resistant
  • Minimalistic Design with High Coverage
  • Integrated Magazine Pouches
  • Adjustable Waist Straps
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • High-quality construction
  • Can withstand water, heat and rough usage
  • Cheap plate carrier
  • Adjustable and minimalistic
  • Best chest coverage
  • Size may not fit big guys
Final Word:
BYHai Tactical CS Field is a multipurpose vest that can be used for a range of outdoor activities. It is comfortable, breathable and offers optimum coverage of the chest. In addition, it comes with a lot of pouches to carry your belongings and Molle webbing to attach more pouches instantly.

5. OneTigris Tactical Laser-Cut Vest:

One-Tigris Tactical Vest

Now we’re coming to an end with our last but not the least piece, the OneTigris Laser-cut Tactical Vest. This laser-cut MOLLE plate carrier is perfectly suited to all your tactical needs, whether military or air-soft.

This lightweight tactical vest is crafted from 500D quality Nylon for additional durability and waterproofing. Moreover, the high-quality EVA padding inside provides extra comfort.


As we know that there are many aspects that we should take into account when purchasing any carrier plate, the key factor is its adjustability. OneTigris Laser-cut Tactical Vest is adjustable from 10 to 16 inches from shoulder and 32 to 46 inches from waist. Moreover, the laser-cut MOLLE webbing makes the vest very lightweight and comfortable to play and walk around while wearing this vest.


This Multicam plate carrier vest is available in multiple color options to match your requirements. It features a Kangaroo magazine pouch on the front for holding three M4 magazines. It also comes with two foam plates for protection, you can also add ballistic plates of the same size if necessary. Besides, the MOLLE webbing allows to attach extra pouches on sides to carry additional gear easily.


All in all, we totally vouch for this best budget plate carrier, as it is full of attachment sites for all of your tactical accessories and it also comes with a 1-year official warranty.


  • Maximum Size – 46 Inches
  • Weight – 1.58 Pounds
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Height – Adjustable


  • 500D High-Density Nylon Construction
  • Laser-Cut MOLLE Webbing
  • Kangaroo Magazine Pouches
  • Adjustable Straps
  • High-Quality EVA Padding
  • Flexible And Adjustable Waist Straps
  • Genuine MultiCam Color Option
  • High-quality material
  • Ultra-lightweight yet durable
  • Lots of attachment points to carry all your accessories
  • Adjustable waist and shoulders to fit everyone
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Little padding inside
  • Small magazine pouch
Final Word:
OneTigris Laser-cut Tactical Vest is our go to vest for all our tactical needs. The vest offers a high degree of comfort, breathability, and protection. This lightweight and affordable plate carrier vest are ideal for a range of uses, from combat to paintball games and much more.

Buying Guide- Best plate carrier under 100 Dollars

We have tried to identify some critical aspects regarding affordable Tactical Plate Carriers. If you’re considering purchasing a plate carrier then we strongly recommend keeping the following points in mind!

Plate Carrier Design:

Plate carriers are designed in a way that can easily carry inserts made to stop a ballistic round. If you need it for sport, you may consider a low weight plate carrier with nominally weighed plates attached. If you need to use it under life-threatening situations being a member of a law enforcement agency, then you may consider a more covering and heavier gear to protect your vital organs from damage.

Storage of Carrier Plate:

Plate carriers must have a considerable amount of storage associated with them. Certain requirements demand more storage to be available on the plate than others. However, this can have a direct impact on the ease of the user’s mobility while wearing the plate. Therefore, consider your essentials such as Maps, Binoculars, and Tools, and whether the Plate carrier of choice is able to carry them all at once.

The Adjustability of Plate Carriers:

Adjustability is one of the most important factors to look out for. One should always try to consider a plate carrier having an adjustable composition with regards to length and around the chest. This provides better ergonomics and also enhances ease of operations. Fixed-sized carriers can prove to be a hassle especially if they are oversized for the user.


Fabric is also one of the important factors to consider before making a plate carrier purchase. Regardless of the terrain, a plate carrier’s fabric should be highly breathable to reduce the amount of strain on the body. Most plate carrier manufacturers use nylon as fabric because it is very lightweight and durable and does not tear easily.

Wrapping Up

Overall, each one of the aforementioned plate carrier vests is fantastic and provides great functionality at a reasonable price tag. However, the DLP Tactical Phantom Low Profile MOLLE Vest excels out of all of them owing to its durable construction and maximum coverage.
Moreover, it is spacious enough to carry all your belongings safely, such as; pistols, magazines, documents etc. Every product has its pros and cons, but overall, it is a durable vest that does not compromise on its quality and strength.


1. Is it legal for a common man to own a plate carrier?

Yes, it is completely permissible to own a plate carrier, however, some legality can apply if you are a convicted felon. Laws may also vary from state to state.

2. Do Bulletproof vests expire?

Bulletproof vests don’t exactly expire, but their effectiveness can vary with the passage of time because of climatic conditions and the quality of the metal plate used in them.

3. What can you do with old bulletproof vests?

The best thing to do is to send it for recycling. There are companies that specialize in recycling materials used in the vests; which can either be used to make new vests or used in other products.

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