Best Plate Carriers for Deployment and Law Enforcement 2022 Guide

Best Plate Carrier For Deployment (2)

Working in law enforcement, the first thing that you need is a plate carrier and not just any plate carrier, a one that will not put your life in jeopardy. Even if you think you have found a good piece, you realize its true nature only when you are out in the field and are left with no other options.

Manufacturing a good plate carrier for deployment in 2022 is not an issue these days. A major issue with plate carrier arises when the person wearing it is protected indeed but is boiling due to the heat. This nuisance gets eliminated with the presence of mesh separators that bring breathability on the table.

Finding the best plate carrier in 2020 is not an easy task. Hence, to save you from the trouble of hopping from one site to another, wondering which one’s better, we have brought you a detailed review of the best plate carrier for law enforcement currently available in the market.

Best Plate carriers for Deployment

Best Overall: ATG Duty Vest

High Breathable:  5.11 Tactical VTAC vest

Best Under Budget: YHai Tactical Vest

1. ATG Duty Vest (Best For Deployment):

The first thing you need to know about this plate carrier is that it only weighs 2 lbs, so you can comfortably wear it out in the field without feeling like you have bricks strapped on your body.
Now let’s move towards the exterior of the plate carrier; it is manufactured with 1000 denier Nylon which will not only enable it to withstand wear and tear but will also eliminate the need to discard the plate carrier after a couple of uses. Spartan Armor Ar50

Inside the nylon is Velcro, the one at the front is 8 x 4 inches, and the one at the back is 9 x 3. It also comes with an easily removable cummerbund with side plate pockets in case you do not want to step with side plates. The side plate pockets can take 6 x 6 and 6 x 8 side plate armor.
The padding over the shoulder also has Velcro and not just that it also has an anti-slip feature which is a thoughtful inclusion by the manufacturers.

The interior of the plate carrier is laced with padded mesh separators that will provide your plate carrier with breathability without compromising its initial and major purpose of security.

There are buckles present at the internal waist strap to have the plate carrier securely wrapped around your body. The quick-release buckles also ensure you can get it off with just a single push of the buckle. The presence of a drag handle may not sound like much but it can come in very handy in case of emergencies.

Another major issue this armor plate carrier 2022 eliminates is the problem of insufficient holding space. With a wide pocket at the front, you will not face any trouble with fitting your extra gear.

  • Weighs 2 lbs 
  • Costs 279 $ 
  • Breathable design 
  • Anti-slip shoulder pads 
  • 1000 denier Nylon construction 
  • Removable cummerbund
  • Quick release buckle for easy removal 
  • Wide pocket at front 
  • No significant flaws found


2. 5.11 Tactical VTAC LBE Utility Vest

These vests are made of nylon cloth which makes them comfortable to wear and highly breathable. They are made to fit around your body according to your body shape. Providing you with minimum resistance in movement. The accessories that come with it are also adjustable. 5.11 Tactical Vest

This tactical vest provides you freedom and ease.It usually has a bottle holder and comes with enough space to put in your belongings and work related documents which makes it ideal for use.
It is 3.5 inches high and 11 inches in width. It is very lightweight which makes it really good for an amazing performance. The feature which makes it stand out is that it comes with customizable features. You can easily add extra pouches for storing more stuff in it, which makes it a lot more convenient to have. These are really good to have for law enforcement agents.
It comes in three different chest sizes.

Sizes being 34-48 inches, 50 inches, and 56 inches. You can easily choose from the size that suits you best. It has a lot of rows, the top 4 even have velcro in them and there are a total of 10 rows at the back of the plate carrier vest.

If you are looking for a high quality product that provides maximum features, you should choose this particular plate carrier vest. As it offers a lot of amazing features and with those it is also adjustable on the shoulder and waist areas.

  • Breathable nylon material 
  • Adjustable
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Have a lot of rows
  • Bottle holder
  • Documents and other belongings holder
  • Shoulder area is also adjustable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Pricey
  • Noisy 

3.BYHai Tactical Vest (Best Law Enforcement Carriers)

The BYHai tactical plate carrier vest is made of waterproof oxford material cloth. It is suitable for both male and females. It comes in different colours, black, green and even in camouflage design. It also comes with a plate holder so you can put weight plates in them and go for a run whenever you feel like it. Byhai Tactical Vest

These carrier plate vests are not constricted on the chest area which allows you maximum mobility and in turn allow free motion. They come with adjustable waist straps so you can fit them on you according to your body size and the shoulders are padded for maximum outcome.

This Carrier vest has magazine pouches installed into it so you can take it out on missions, keeping your magazines safe and ready to use whenever. The nylon in it makes it comfortable and breathable. You can wear it on a mission or task without worrying about your vest.

The velcro comes on the shoulders. It has a lot of pockets and is webbed for you to put additional stuff in it. It has great qualities, which makes it perfect for deployment.

If you are looking for a less costly alternative of a plate carrier vest, these are for you. They have all the good qualities a high-end plate carrier vest would have and all that at a low price.

  • Come in different colours.
  • Has a camouflage design 
  • Can be adjusted according to your body size
  • Shoulders are padded 
  • Low cost
  • A lot of webbed pockets
  • Water bottle holder
  • It tears apart with a lot of weight
  • Not suitable for every size/built.


4. Condor Hydro Harness Chest Rig

The condor Hydro Harness comes with a precision of Multicam and it is compatible with MCR4-MCR7 chest rings. Although it only comes in one size, it also has 2.5 liters of the bladder. The shoulders are padded which makes them really comfortable. They are really useful in deployment. Condor Hydro Harness

It comes with both zipper and velcro and has hydrations pouches as well. It also has a lot of webbing which allows the user to put a lot of material in this carrier plated vest. If you are carrying a liquid and want to keep it cold, it also comes with a padded compartment with air insulation to help you with that and make your experience even more enjoyable.

It is very well made and has amazing stitching. It is highly adjustable and attaches to your chest rig easily making your experience highly comfortable. It is really lightweight and has a great fit.
Its clips are great. The straps are doubled up for your ease and to make it taut. It also comes with magazine pouches and has a lot of other pouches to hold things into, your plates and documents etc.

If you are looking for a  plate carrier vest that would fit you and you can go on around doing your work whether it is related to law enforcement or a military purpose, with a cold water bottle then this condor vest is the best choice for you. It comes with a lot of amazing features , that makes it worth all the money. It promises to last longer which makes it highly durable.

  • Hydration pockets
  • Keeps liquids cold
  • Well made
  • Padded shoulders
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Very well stitched
  • 2.5 liter bladder 
  • Two zippers are present 
  • Velcro is present
  • Extra padded pockets
  • The lower strap is loose
  • Not very well for short people
  • Pricey


5.vAv YAKEDA Tactical vest

The vAv YAKEDA tactical vest can be used for multiple purposes. A feature that makes this vest really special is that you can adjust the height of the vest according to your preference. It is made of 1000D nylon cloth which makes it highly elastic, breathable and comfortable to be in. Also providing the carrier plate vest with strength. Vav Yakeda Tactical Vest

These tactical vests are highly lightweight and are waterproof for your convenience and to keep all your belongings and data safe. These vests are highly adjustable and come in in different sizes the highest size being 53 inches. The adjustments can be made on the area where they are uncomfortable such as shoulder and abdomen, to make it a highly snug experience for you.

The shoulders come padded and it comes with an insulating air system to make it agreeable to wear.It has a foldable section that has more pockets hidden in it. So, it entirely depends upon your choice whether to use that part or not making it efficient.

It is made in such a way that pouches can be added or removed from it according to your preference making it a really good carrier plate for your choosing in deployment.

If you are someone who is looking for maximum output from a plate carrier vest, you must choose these. They have so many extra sections and compartments that allow you to use as much space as you would want with a highly effective hydration system.

  • Removable magazine pouches.
  • Adjustable on shoulder and waist.
  • More poches can be added.
  • Really good cloth material.
  • Not easy wear and tear. 
  • Different sizes available.
  • Buckles can be a problem.

6. Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig

Condor Rapid Assault chest rigs can be worn over a plate carrier as an additional plate carrier for deployment. It is very well made and is a lightweight plate carrier. If you want more places to put your magazines or go for some heavy action you should choose a condor rapid assault chest rig because it is really good to put on extra pieces. Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig

The feature that makes it different from other vests is that it is very light in weight. A feature ideal for deployment and law enforcement agents. It weighs 1.2 pounds. No plate carrier normally weighs this much, so this makes things easier for you. You can put your magazines in it and get to your duty without having too much weight on your body.

This vest comes with 6 pockets in total to put your magazines or whatever you want in it. It is open on the upper side for easy access and has a hidden pocket right in the middle of the magazine pockets to hide your weapon. It also comes with webbing rows so you can attach more pockets if you want or even stick more stuff in them for your convenience.

If you are someone who doesn’t like carrying some extra weight but have to carry your weapons and magazines then this is for you. It allows you free movement, without much resistance. You can make use of the elastic loops attached to it, to adjust your size.

  • Comes with six pockets
  • Has a hidden compartment
  • Comes in 2 colours
  • Elastic loops to adjust your size
  • Comes in different waist size 30-60 inches
  • Heavyweight webbing is also present.
  • Back waist strap is not tight enough

7. Airsoft Hunting Military MOLLE Vest

Airsoft tactical hunting vests are really great vest for military personnel, which automatically makes them an excellent choice for you if you want to take them on the battlefield. They have really amazing features. One of them being the 2.5 L hydration reservoir in the back. That makes you last longer and fight better, making defending easy. Airsoft Hunting Military Molle Vest

It is highly adjustable with an easily removable buckle. This Airsoft vest is made of a high quality nylon material making these vests durable. The waist can be adjusted from 35 inches to 52 inches. This vest comes with a lot of extra pockets.

These vests are sturdy and the stitching is also amazing. They come with several molle options. These vests are really comfortable even when you are driving a bicycle. The Airsoft vest are highly durable and avoid wear and tear for a long time.

If you are a professional or maybe a law enforcement and want to have the best suited vest for yourselves, you should choose these. These vests also provide some extra space to add more pockets for magazines and other stuff.

  • Made of nylon
  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Available in different Sizes
  • Good stitching
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with a hydration pack
  • Not suitable for people with short stature


How long do plate carriers last?

This entirely depends on the material that is being used and after that, it depends on how you are using it. Different plate carriers are made of different materials, the nylon ones are more elastic so they tend to last longer, and even better are the Kevlar ones that allow minimum penetrations. If you use your plate carrier a lot then they will not last as long as the ones being used for easy tasks or a lesser amount of time. The average time span is 5-7 years.

What is the best color for a plate carrier?

As we have seen, different plate carriers come in different colors. You have to decide what color is most suitable for you depending on the situation. The editor’s choice would be the camouflage design. As the name indicates it will help you hide within your surroundings, not giving away much to the enemies.

Are plate carriers bulletproof?

Not all plate carriers are bulletproof, in order to make them bulletproof, we have to use a special material for them which is called Kevlar. This material can trap bullets within it. If you want bulletproof armor you should try the ballistics one.

Where should a plate carrier sit?

Generally, they say that the front plate pouch should sit two fingers below your collarbone for easy access. You can easily adjust by adjusting your shoulders, moving them up and down according to whichever place you want your plate carrier pouch to be.

Are side plates necessary?

Yes, they are really important for you to have because if you are in an environment that is not safe enough, you would need side plates. All you need to do is, find a comfortable side plate that suits you and put it where it feels the most comfortable and you are good to go, you won’t have any problem with side plates anymore.

What should I put on my plate carrier?

You should put at least 2 magazine pouches and 3 rifle pouches in it.


Stepping out in the field wearing a faulty plate carrier is just as dangerous as going without a plate carrier; you never know when it might give up on you. To return from the field safe and sound, you need a best plate carrier that will keep you protected and will also make sure you do not end up feeling agitated due to its uncomfortable design.

Read the above-mentioned review of plate carrier for the law enforcement that will give you exactly the comfort and security that you are looking for and make sure that you have all the needed features straight in order to choose what is best for you. Whether that is extra pockets or even side plates or if you simply want a really good function hydration pack. This will ensure that you have one less thing to worry about while stepping in the field.

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