Best Plate Carriers for Big Guys – Reviews 2020

If you are 280lbs and 6’4 in height, and you want to go out for a hunt, you would need a plate carrier—not an ordinary one, but the ones for the big guys.

best plate carrier for big guys

For the big and tall people, finding an ideal plate carrier is important. It must not only fit you comfortably, but it must also have the body coverage you require.We have done our research and assembled the top best plate carriers for big guys. We hope you find this helpful.

So, If you are down to purchasing one for you, here are the various things you must know about the product:

So let’s get it started.

1.Condor MV Modular Style Vest

Condor is a very famous brand that makes tactical vests for different purposes. The condor MV Modular Style Vest is one of their amazing product mainly made for big guys and obese people. It has such a size that it fits most of the people.

The condor vest comes with webbing all over so you can put your belongings in it and you can attach extra plates on it as well. It also comes with padded shoulders which makes it really comfortable to wear. This vest comes with belts for pistols.

It also has pockets on the sides for putting in maps and other stuff. It is highly adjustable and can hold both soft armour and steel plates in it. So, you can easily put in whatever you would prefer to add in it.

It has such a huge capacity. It can hold more than one pistol in it so you can go in comat without having to worry about your supplies or backup and it can hold pistols and has a lot of carrier plates for magazines.

If you are someone who has a bulky body and often find yourselves in combat, these vests are for you. They can hold all your belongings and be really helpful in the battle field. They have Medium to XL sizes available.

Comes with webbing.
Pistol belts.
Side pockets.
Place for extra pouches.
Padded shoulders.
Medium to XL sizes available.

Extra pockets can be added.
Shoulders are padded.
Perfect for big guys.

No back compartment.

2.GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Assault Vest

The GLORYFIRE tactical vests are really amazing vests for users not only because they are available in all sizes but because they can be used for different purposes. Such as hunting and deployment etc.

An amazing feature that you will not find in other tactical vests is that it has a pistol pocket that is detachable, which means you can detach it and add on whichever side you prefer making this vest good for both left and right handed people. Another promising feature of this vest is that it contains more than just one pistol holder.

This tactical vest is made of high quality fabric which makes these vests elastic and comfortable to wear. They are highly adjustable and come with side straps so you can easily adjust them according to your body weight and shape reducing the resistance in your movement and making it highly agreeable to wear.

As we have mentioned earlier that these vests are available in different sizes, with that, they are also available in different waists. Starting from 35 and going up-to a 57 inches waist.

If you are bulky or heavy-weight, this is simply the best for you because it is not only available in an amazing waist size, it keeps you super snug in it. You can wear it without feeling tightness across your body and complete your task without having to worry about the vest. It is highly durable.

Detachable pistol pocket
Made of 600D Oxford Cloth
Good sewing
Sizes: S-XXXXL
Waist 35-57 inches.

Available in all sizes.
Good for both left and right handed people

Magazine pouches are not detachable.

3.Evike – Avengers Airsoft Tactical Vest

The Evike Tactical Vest is one of the most affordable vests out there. It comes with a quick-release system. Comes with different magazine pouches. These vests are highly adjustable and made of nylon cloth which makes them durable and prevents them from wear and tear.

The Avengers Airsoft vest has a side pocket for radio, maps or other accessories that you might want to put into it. This airsoft vest comes with interior plate pockets. Easy to put on and adjust. It has a great coverage area.

One of the drawbacks of this vest is that it needs extra pockets. If you are someone who needs a lot of pockets for heavy combat or fight you might need to order an extra belt or some extra pockets to put on as it does not allow many pocket options.

If you need a low-priced vest which is also long lasting and comfortable to wear, you should get this one. As it is snug around your body and makes your experience fun.

600 denier nylon
Fits M4 and M16 magazines
Side pocket.

Does not have enough pockets.

4.OneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest

OneTigris Multicam Tactical vest comes in a lot of sizes and offers a lot of different features. They are made of 500D cordura nylon, which makes them super reliable and long lasting. The nylon material is very breathable.

These vests come with webbing and have a lot of places for attaching more pockets. Highly adjustable. You can also put plates in the back of the vest giving you that extra wow factor that you are looking for.

You can easily fit up to 30 rounds of magazines in it without any problem. This multicam vest is really good for your safety as it covers the heart and lungs very well. These vests also have a shock absorbing feature making them safer than most vests.

They are very sturdy around your body and come with extra clips to maximise the fitness. The one tigris vests are very nice and thick giving you maximum strength and power to excel in your task. They are amazing for you in law enforcement, hunting, deployment or any other field you choose to take them in.

If you are looking for maximum advantages, get this vest for yourself. These are bulletproof and play an amazing role in your safety. These tactical vests for big guys are good enough because they come with all the features the best vest should have and are favourable for all sizes.

500D cordura nylon.
Comes with extra webbing.
Plate carriers also present in the back.
Protection for lungs and heart.
Bullet proof.
Comes with two clips on the side.
Lots of pocket options.
Provides maximum protection of lungs and heart.
Bullet proof.
Fits snugly around your body.
Lower abdomen is exposed.
Not very good for short people.

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What brand plate carrier does the military use?
The IOTV have issued standard vests for all the military personnel, they have all the required features in them, they are bulletproof, they also provide groin protection, protection of the entire back and neck protection.

What is the best color for a plate carrier?
Usually the best colour for a plate carrier is black, as this is the most common one out there and easily found but finding yourself some earthly colours is an even better option as those colours help you blend in with the environment and finding designs with camouflage colors can help you hide in plain sight as well.

What should I put on my plate carrier?
Depend on what you are using it for. You can put up-to 2 pistols, 3 rifles, maps, if needed. You should always have a backup water bottle in your carrier plate. Other than that you can put in magazines, as many as you can fit and are comfortable for you.
One of the things that you should never forget is the self-aid kit.

Can you spray paint a plate carrier?
It is not recommended to spray paint your plate carrier as it is preferred to have some earthy colours in it. Besides, if it is black, which it mostly is, it won’t outshine the background colour. What you can do is, buy some camouflage colour vest to help you with your needs.

How tight should a plate carrier be?
The fact that most of the plate carriers are adjustable is because they should be snug around your body and fit you really perfectly. You have to make sure that they are perfectly placed around your shoulders and body to allow maximum movement for perfect functioning.


Some are available with extra attachments and mag pouches that can be placed or removed from anywhere on the vest, front or back. Having enough girth to accommodate these attachments, many big hunters look for plate carriers by MGFLASHFORCE, HSGI Wasatch and OneTigris. A vest with the combination of both pouches and pockets will be highly recommended.

In short, if you are a big guy and you want to buy a perfect plate carrier, check for the size range, pouches and pockets which are already in-built, as well as those which can be adjusted, and the air circulation mechanism. It isn’t a difficult task to find the right plate carrier for a big and obese man—all it requires is a little bit of research. Given the essential features just for you, it is the best time to start looking for the best plate carrier for your next hunting trip.

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