About Us

At the Bestplatecarriers, we are working our best to be trustworthy and to do our part to provide authentic information and reviews about the plate carriers. Here we discuss everything about tactical gear in detail; types, level of protection, ratings, heat considerations, functionality and attachments.

Launched in 2019, Bestplatecarriers is a website which seeks to provide specific and comprehensive reviews of all kinds of plate carriers and the best deals available in the market. Our expert team, headed by Elisa Ruth, provides interesting articles every day after reviewing many blogs and websites.
With so many products flooding the market, the choices of perfect gear become confusing even for experts. So, whether you are a professional or even a newbie, our blog is designed to help you make an informed decision.

Not only this, but Bestplatecarriers staff also goes the extra mile in creating Product reviews of plate carriers, so that the buyer can have the best idea of whether the product will be able to match their expectations or not. Our staff also ensures that any new product launched in the market will get displayed on our site as a first priority.
Whether you want to know the latest trends in the tactical world, or just want to learn something about survival gear, this blog is your one-stop-shop for almost all related matters. Our aim is to grow our guide section in the future to cover more outdoor-survival topics and reviews.

Review Policy:
We’d also like to share that all our product reviews are not sponsored in any way and are always done from an unbiased perspective. We always value customer feedback over our provided service and product reviews, and our team actively monitors any strong feedback that our valued customers might have.